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From "Jukka Zitting" <>
Subject Proposal: Commons SAX
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2008 13:09:00 GMT

In the Apache Tika project [1] we use SAX quite a lot, and have
written a set of quite useful general utility classes for SAX

For example, in org.apache.tika.sax [2] we have the following:

* ContentHandlerDecorator - Convenient base class for writing
ContentHandler decorators
* EmbeddedContentHandler - Decorator that blocks startDocument() and
endDocument() calls
* TeeContentHandler - Forwards SAX events to multiple handlers
* TextContentHandler - Decorator that blocks everything but character
events (and start/endDocument)
* WriteOutContentHandler - Writes the contents of all character events
to a Writer

In org.apache.tika.sax.xpath [3] we have a simple XPath subset
implementation that supports streaming and filtering of SAX events. In
other words, the implementation doesn't need a DOM tree to evaluate
XPath statements.

I believe this code would be useful also outside Tika, and I was
thinking that it might perhaps make sense to create a Commons project
for this. I also know of some SAX processing classes in Cocoon and
Jackrabbit that could well be of interest to a wider audience.

Do you think something like this would be interesting as a Commons
project? Are there other similar efforts that I should know of? I
looked at XML Commons in, but it seems pretty dormant.



Jukka Zitting

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