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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Commons Configuration 1.6 Released
Date Fri, 26 Dec 2008 18:17:04 GMT
Ralph Goers wrote:
> On Dec 25, 2008, at 10:19 AM, Oliver Heger wrote:
>> The Jakarta Commons team is pleased to announce the availability of  the
>> Commons Configuration 1.6 release. Commons Configuration provides a
>> generic configuration interface which enables an application to read
>> configuration data from a variety of sources.
> Thanks, Oliver.  Just FYI, I will be checking in more fixes and 
> enhancements over the next several weeks and will need another release 
> in another month or two.
> Here is a list of what I'm working on:
> Direct support for schema validation in XMLConfiguration (completed)
> Support for adding EntityResolvers to XMLConfiguration (completed)
> Support for Apache XML Commons CatalogResolver - xml-resolver package 
> (completed)
> Allow a default EntityResolver to be added to 
> DefaultConfigurationBuilder's configuration (completed)
> Allow the EntityResolver configured in DefaultConfigurationBuilder to 
> default to the CatalogResolver (completed)
> I've been requested to have CombinedConfiguration be able to return  the
> list of configuration names in a List that is the same order as 
> getConfigurations.
> When disableDelimiterParsing is set to true 
> xmlConfig.setProperty("path", "a,b,c,d") is adding a backslash before 
> each comma. Need to investigate and fix.
> Add a ReloadingStrategy that works with files stored in a CMS that is 
> accessed via WebDav.
> Possibly add "real" WebDAV support to allow files to be versioned when 
> stored in the WebDAV repository.
> Possibly add support for accessing files via the JSR 170 API.
> Possibly refactor all the file access into its own package. Possibly 
> either leverage commons vfs or do something simpler.
> Go through Jira and look at all the outstanding issues.
> Work on the experimental branch.
> All the items marked completed I have working on trunk and am 
> integrating them into the experimental branch. They should be  committed
> in a day or two.
> All the items starting with "possibly" I will start a discussion on  the
> dev list before doing anything.
> Ralph
Sounds like a lot of interesing stuff! I am really looking forward to
seeing your changes and to the discussions on the dev list.


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