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From Ken Tanaka <>
Subject [Pipeline] contributions
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 20:20:36 GMT

I would like to add some documentation and code changes to the Pipeline 
project. I have worked with Kris Nuttycombe on the Pipeline software, 
and it is still actively used at the data center where I work. Since 
Kris has not been using the Pipeline code in his current work, he is 
working for a different organization, he recommended that I seek to 
become a commiter for the Pipeline code base. Reading through the 
participation information on the and 
websites, it's clear that normally a person will be a contributer for a 
while before becoming a committer.

I was thinking of submitting patches through the issue tracking system 
(JIRA), however I suspect there are not as many active committers for 
the Pipeline project as some of the others, so this channel for applying 
patches may not work as well as it normally would. If I don't hear 
suggestions to the contrary, I'll go ahead and start with patch 
submission via the Issue tracker.

You can preview the main documentation I'd like to add at

I know you have to accept a security exception to view this since our 
site is self-signed; and our sysadmins have other priorities for the 
foreseeable future.


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