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From "Samuel Le Berrigaud" <>
Subject Compress vs. VFS
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2008 02:35:49 GMT

I was wondering about VFS vs. Compress.

I was looking at a library to handle zip files (mostly read) and came
across commons compress in the sandbox. I also made my way to VFS.
The latter seems to do as much as the "compress" component and even
more. Another good point of VFS is that it doesn't bring any other
dependencies (which is the same for compress).

How do commons developers see the 2 libraries evolving next to each other?
Is there any plan to get "compress" to a proper common project any time soon?
Or is most of the effort going to VFS and one should probably not
consider "compress" at all?
What do you guys see being the big difference between the 2 approaches
and is that a good enough reason to keep both libraries?

Samuel Le Berrigaud

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