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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: [exec] Proposal - Moving commons-exec from sandbox to proper
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2008 12:13:50 GMT
Hi Niall,

I only have the same response I wrote six months ago ... :-)

+) I can't make any promises but commons-exec is small enough to be 
maintained in the small hours when the family is asleep
+) I'm not expecting a huge user base - it's too late for that since 
many in-house libraries are already used
+) I'm not expecting many bugs because the original ANT while not 
perfect is still a solid foundation
+) I think that one or two commons developers will use the code and 
might provide additional support if needed

And I still think that commons-exec is a valuable addition to commons 
proper because it is hard to write such a component running on various 
OS/JVM installations ...


Siegfried Goeschl

Niall Pemberton wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 2:46 PM, Siegfried Goeschl
> <> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> according to
>> there needs to be an official proposal - any blockers from moving
>> commons-exec to commons proper?!
>> The current state of the commons-exec
>> (
>> +) I made my first bug fix in April 2007 after finding out that I have the
>> karma to mess up the project ... :-)
>> +) I officially took over the code in November 2007
>> +) I went through all the open JIRAs and fixed them including regression
>> tests
>> +) I cleaned up the code and javadocs
>> +) removed commons-logging dependency
>> +) added a few more features plus regression tests
>> +) with the help of the commons community commons-exec was tested on various
>> platforms and JVMs (see
>> +) I was promoted to commons committer in April 2008
>> +) there was some interest in getting/using commons-exec from the user
>> community
>> +) I use commons-exec in production for more than on year
>> The not so good things
>> +) unfortunately we have no coverage on Solaris and broken tests on OpenVMS
>> - the missing Solaris coverage is IMO critical
>> +) I am the one and only person actively maintaining the code
> It sounds like exec is pretty much ready to start thinking about a
> release? If thats the case then we should be promoting it (if not then
> theres not much point in moving out of the Sandbox IMO).
> We have other components with only one active person so IMO its not a
> blocker. For me I would hope there is an intention on your part to
> stick around and support it - I'm not looking for any kind of promise,
> since none of us know what the future holds and were all volunteers
> that can disappear at any time - but I would be happier (voting to
> promote) if I knew the intention was there.
> Niall
>> Thanks in advance
>> Siegfried Goeschl
>> PS: I just uploaded the website but it will take a while to be available
>> ....
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