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From Mauro Talevi <>
Subject Re: [math] should version 2.0 be targeted to Java 5 ?
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 11:42:31 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:

>> Here is my proposal, summarizing what has been discussed so far in this
>> thread and adding my own bias:
>>  - commons-math 2.0 will target Java 1.5 as the minimal version
>>  - the maven groupId will be changed from commons-math to
>>   org.apache.commons (the artifactID is unchanged)
>>  - all packages will be relocated under org.apache.commons.math2
>> If nobody complains (mainly about the third point), I am going to perform
>> these changes in branch 2.0 on Sunday.
> I guess the third point gives me heartburn. Given the relatively small
> number of incompatible changes, I do not see the need to make a
> wholesale change to the package name and force all users to make
> source-level changes to upgrade.  I am +1 on fixing the maven groupID,
> though and upping the required JDK level to 1.5.

I tend to agree with Phil here.  The package rename is more likely to 
cause more headaches than benefits IMO.  Keeping in mind that already 
math 1.x is being used with no problems in JREs 1.5+ I would suggest 
postponing the rename until a concrete use case (ie not theoretical) 
comes about.

That said I wholly agree on the groupId rename - which will take of the 
vast majority of conflicts - and obviously agree on the JDK 1.5+ level 
for math 2.x.


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