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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject [all] m2 releases, common issues
Date Wed, 28 May 2008 21:17:29 GMT
Thought I'd make a list of m2 issues I encountered while releasing,
with the intent of saving time for others who may see similar

1) Site plugin doesn't pick up server configuration (if you need
<server>/<configuration> in the settings.xml for site deploys). See
MSITE-25 [1]. Patches have been applied (thanks to dennisl), but fix
is unreleased.

2) Stage plugin only allows for scp:// target repo URLs. See MSTAGE-3
[2]. Patch has been applied (thanks to brett), but fix is unreleased.

3) Using JDK 1.4 and some m2.0.x versions leads to a 2.4.1 version
number for the assemblies (just source, IIRC). Fix is to either
hardcode version in assembly descriptor or use JDK 1.5 (obviously,
thats not the real fix, but I don't want to digress).

4) Release plugin will rewrite the SCM URLs. I used one approach (of
using the RC tag here), but not everyone liked it.

Ofcourse, this assumes that everyone has a basic m2 setup configured
to deploy to p.a.o etc. (if some of us don't have it, thats #0 in the
list above).



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