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Subject [nabla] unable to update site with maven
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 07:55:47 GMT

I tried yesterday to update the nabla site and failed. I wanted to have the
current state of documentation published as soon as possible.

I used the command "mvn deploy" after having set up my username and private key
file in ~/.m2/settings.xml, but was asked for a password instead of my
passphrase to read the file. I even tried to put the passphrase temporarily in
my settings.xml file but this didn't change anything. Entering my password for
the host didn't work either. I am able to log on the host
using directly ssh and my private key. My key is an RSA key, I didn't try to set
up a DSA key yet.

Is "mvn deploy" the right command ? Does anybody have an idea of what I have
done wrong ?


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