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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: Possible contribution to commons: JNET
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2008 17:38:14 GMT
On 4/28/08, Carsten Ziegeler <> wrote:
> Hi,
>  we developed a nice little library over at the Excalibur project called
> jnet
> (
>  It is a common purpose lib that allows you to dynamically register own url
> handlers. Background: the jvm only allows you to set a url handler once, so
> if you want to register handling your own protocols (like webdav: etc.), you
> should be the first one doing so :) Obviously, this might work for
> standalone apps but once you're running in a webapp this is bound to fail.
>  jnet uses a technique used by other projects to circumvent this restriction
> and allows to register url handlers based on the "current execution
> context", so it's possible to have different handlers for different webapps
> while still running in the same jvm.
>  The first version is working although this is still a prototype and there
> is room for additions/improvement.

It would be good to describe the scope for these additions /
improvements (especially given that the library is currently small).
See some recent proposals [1],[2],[3] for new sandbox components in
this regard.

>  As Excalibur itself is not...well...very active anymore and as this is a
> general purpose stuff several projects at Apache (and in other places) could
> benefit from (Cocoon is planning to use it, Felix is definitly another
> candidate although we haven't discussed this yet etc.), commons seems to be
> the right place.
>  So, my question is if there is interest here and what it would take to get
> this a proper commons project?

A lot of interest isn't necessarily needed to start a component in the
Commons Sandbox. If you don't already have the svn auth, you can get
it by asking for it on this list (you as in, an existing ASF

Inclusion into Commons Proper is a slightly different beast. You would
need sufficient community interest (atleast as much as is needed for a
graduation vote to pass). Before that happens, there can be no
releases (none at all out of sandbox).



>  Regards
>  Carsten
>  --
>  Carsten Ziegeler

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