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From "Adam Retter" <>
Subject Offer - Implement JXPathContext::createPath(String xpath, int relativePosition) or similar
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 11:17:27 GMT
Hi there,

At the moment it seems impossible to create a path at a specific
position within a group of siblings. I am using JXPath with a DOM
Document which is great apart from I need to create paths at specific
locations. I started with a generic DOMNodeFactory that extends
AbstractFactory and that was all great, but I have now had to make it
aware of specific documents/elements so that I can create siblings at
the correct position, unfortunately it is no longer clean and generic.

I think the functionality to create a path at a specific position
within a group of siblings is important and would like to offer my
services to implement such a thing, I am a proficient Java programmer
and have a good user knowledge of JXPath, but I would need some
guidance on the best way of achieving this.

Imagine a document something like, where all elements are mandatory
apart from AddressLine2 and AddressLine3 -


I have two possible high level ideas -

JXPathContext ctx = JXPathContext.newContext(doc);
= 'Town'])
= 'AddressLine2'])

JXPathContext ctx = JXPathContext.newContext(doc);
ctx.createPath("/Address/AddressLine2", 2)
ctx.createPath("/Address/AddressLine3", 3)

Any suggestions, encouragement, discouragement or guidance is
appreciated please :-)

Adam Retter

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