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From "nicolas de loof" <>
Subject Re: [Monitoring] What are the plan regarding web frontend for Commons Monitoring ....
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 11:21:39 GMT
The current code has a servlet to expose the monitored datas, based on
request parameters :

/monitoring/monitors --> all monitors in the repository, with all
counters/gauges and all stats, using an output format detected based on
request "Accept" HTTP header

/monitoring/monitors?format=html --> same but force output to html. Support
html, xml, txt, js, and flot (see later)

/monitoring/monitorsFromCategory/web --> same, but only monitors from the
category "web"
/monitoring/monitorsFromSubsystem/web --> same, but only monitors from the
category "web"

adding some other parameter allow to tweak the output :

?role=performances --> only the "performances" counter will be included

?role=performances&role=failures --> only the "performances" and "failures"
counters will be included

?performances.unit=ms  --> "performances" counter stats will be formatted
with ms as unit (default is ns)

?performances.columns=mean,max,standardDeviation  --> Only render the
requested statistics

Using all those parameters, you can build custom URLs to get the expected

There is also another servlet, the WebUIServlet, that defaults output to
HTML and extend the generated HTML with nicer CSS and inclusion of jquery
javascript library to enable table sorting.

The "flot" format is also used with jQuery to enable graphing (based on the
flot JS library).

A RepositoryDecorator is used to enable history on the repository, on a
period + history-size basis. This enable a new URL on MonitoringServlet :

This will return a table of the monitor (with all it's counters & stats) for
every historized period.
Using ?format=flot will return a JavaScript objet to be used by the flot
library to render a graph.

Same roles/units/columns filterring can be used to customize the output

!! Please note the flot ouput is early experimental and not yet stable !!

Il plan to split the project into modules :

- core for monitoring infrastructure
- webui-lite for the jquery based web UI
- webui-X for a more advanced web ui, maybe based on GWT or anything else to
have a cool monitoring UI.

Take a look in the SVN source at the src/main/webapp WAR configuration, this
is used for testing /demonstrating purpose.

Thanks for feedback,


2008/4/18, Siegfried Goeschl <>:
> Hi folks,
> what are the current plans to add a web frontend to Commons Monitoring?
> Based on my JAMON experience
> +) the web frontend required additional libraries
> +) the jamon library and JSP/web resources were always out of sync and
> broke the web application
> Would it be possible/feasible to implement the visualization using a
> plain-vanilla servlet and have more elegant implementation using JSP/Taglibs
> as an optional part? Using a servlet I can enable the web frontend by just
> updating the web.xml ...
> Cheers,
> Siegfried Goeschl
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