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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: (BEANUTILS-180-BETA) Access/configuration of PropertyUtilsBean caches
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2008 08:26:40 GMT
Hi Aaron,

This is the right list, and your suggestion makes good sense.

Beanutils is a fairly quiet project (though not dead). There are a
couple of people who work on it regularly, and I'm sure there will be an
answer from them. I'm a little surprised they haven't responded already,
but perhaps they are on holiday or busy on an urgent work project, or

Contacting the email list first is good practice. However as there has
been no response, I suggest creating an enhancement entry in the commons
JIRA issue-tracker. Then ping this list with a reminder every couple of
days. If none of the regular beanutils maintainers respond within a week
or so, then I am sure someone (maybe me) will review and commit your patch.


Aaron Zeckoski schrieb:
> Someone let me know if this is the wrong list or if I am going about
> this the wrong way please. :-)
> Thanks
> -AZ
> On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 6:31 PM, Aaron Zeckoski <> wrote:
>> Apologies if this is the wrong list for this.
>> We have an extension to commons beanutils which allows us to make it
>> work with public fields as well (and a few other improvements we
>> needed like deep cloning). In 1.8.0-BETA it is easier to handle this
>> extension (thanks!) but it could be even easier if there was a way to
>> get and set the caches which are used for storing the
>> PropertyDescriptors. Just switching the type from FastHashMap to Map
>> and making a setter and getter which are publicly visible would be
>> enough to reduce our the work in extending this significantly.
>> I can submit a patch for this if that is the better way to go about it
>> but I thought I would see what people thought first. Would this be
>> generally useful?
>> Thanks
>> -AZ
>> P.S. If this is not worth discussing and I should just go to JIRA for
>> this please just let me know. :-)
>> --
>> Aaron Zeckoski (
>> Senior Research Engineer - CARET - Cambridge University
>> []
>> Sakai Fellow - []

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