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From "" <>
Subject Re: I've ported CLI to C#, next steps?
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2008 07:32:59 GMT
Schley Andrew Kutz schrieb:
> Hi. I've ported version 1.1 of the CLI library to Microsoft .NET 2.0
> using C#. My reasons are not selfless -- I simply needed a good
> command line argument parsing library for .NET, and I could not find
> one. Instead of reinventing the wheel I decided to port your library
> since I use it whenever developing command line applications in Java.

Thanks very much for letting us know.

> I generally release my code under the New BSD license, and unless you
> would like to host this port on Apache's site I am going to open a
> SourceForge project for my port, or simply host it on my own site,

Having a "c#" commons at Apache would be a nice idea.

However practically, it would be a lot of work. Websites would need to
be set up, mailing lists, etc.

And proper "project management" of the code would be awkward; it would
be difficult to find enough existing apache committers
interested/qualified to review c# code and "bootstrap" a c# community
here. Apache is not a "sourceforge"; ASF projects strive to have good
levels of quality control and provide long-term support for code it
releases, but that does mean that getting new projects started is harder.

So for the moment, I would suggest setting up your project elsewhere,
but using the APL2.0 license. At some time in the future, if enough c#
interest builds up here then we could possibly talk about a merger. In
the meantime, as mentioned by another poster, it would be great if you
could add a note on the wiki pointing at your project.


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