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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [configuration] NodeHandler design
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2008 06:42:56 GMT
Oliver Heger schrieb:
> Emmanuel Bourg schrieb:
>> I'm trying to write a PreferencesConfiguration and I'm facing some 
>> issues with the NodeHandler interface. NodeHandler assumes the 
>> existence of container nodes and value nodes. However this is not true 
>> for a Preferences tree, the only node available is a container node 
>> (the Preferences object), a value is only fetched relatively to a 
>> container.
>> That means PreferencesConfiguration can't be implemented without 
>> creating a custom node structure encapsulating the containers and the 
>> values.
>> I don't know how to make NodeHandler universal, maybe it should make 
>> an explicit distinction between container nodes and single values 
>> instead of assuming that nodes always serve both purposes.
>> Emmanuel Bourg
> When creating the NodeHandler interface I had a look at the Preferences 
> class. My idea was to map the values stored in the Preferences to 
> attributes. So no value nodes would exist, but only attributes for 
> storing data.
> If a properly initialized ExpressionEngine is used, attribute keys can 
> look the same as node keys, so when querying such a configuration a user 
> will see no difference.
> However when adding new properties it may be necessary to distinguish 
> between nodes and attributes. I will have a look.
> Oliver

I have added a new method to the NodeHandler interface for 
distinguishing between the node types.

Based on these changes I have created an initial implementation of 
PreferencesConfiguration. This is only a first draft, and there is 
certainly room for improvements, e.g. support for sync() operations or 
an auto flush mechanism. I would also like to do some more testing and 
improve the documentation.


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