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From sebb <>
Subject [Exec] Change needed to Executor interface
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 17:03:33 GMT
VMS testing has revealed that the DefaultExecutorTest class assumes
that 0 = success, and 1 = failure.

This is not the case for all OSes - VMS regards odd numbers as
successful and even ones as failures.

So I think the test needs to use a more versatile means of checking statuses.

There is a method in DefaultExecutor
   public static boolean isFailure(final int exitValue)
However, it is static, so cannot be added to the Executor interface.

Any objections if I make it non-static and add it to the interface?
This will allow the test suite to correctly check for success/failure.

I suspect the private boolean isSuccess(final int exitValue) method
may need updating for VMS. And I don't understand why it returns true
if there is no exitValues array - perhaps it should return !
isFailure(exitValue) ? Or throw an error of some kind?

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