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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Commons Wiki] Update of "CLI" by Andrew Kutz
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2008 12:11:32 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by Andrew Kutz:

  = News =
+ == Release 1.1 Ported to C# ==
+ Version 1.1 of the CLI library has been ported to C# and is available at
You can download the sources from the subversion repository with the following command:
+ {{{ 
+ svn co
+ }}}
+ The following changes were made to CLI while porting:
+ - Java's iterator is bi-directional while .NET's enumerator is simple, and uni-directional.
I created a class, BidirectionalEnumerator<T> to match the functionality present in
+ - Getters and setters have become property accessors. For example, instead of getWidth()
and setWidth(), there is now Width { get; set; }.
+ - Method names now begin with upper case.
+ - Class level variables are now prefixed with "m_".
+ - Interfaces now begin with upper case "I". Ex. CommandLineParser is now ICommandLineParser.
+ - I've used generics where possible instead of Objects. Ex. An ArrayList of Object types
intended to hold strings is now List<string>.
+ - I've used Dictionary<Tk,Tv> for a hash table.
+ - In Java, the method substring is defined as func(int begin, int end) where end is exclusive
and the length to splice is a result of end - begin. In .NET Substring is func(int begin,
int length) where length is inclusive. Instead of changing your math I instead created a static
class called JavaPorts and have created the method JavaPorts.Substring( string value, int
beginIndex, int endIndex ) that functions as Java's substring.
+ There has only been minimal bug testing performed on the port, as it was ported to serve
a particular need. Please [
submit bug reports] as you find them, or [ view a list
of outstanding issues].
  == Release 2.0 - Update ==
  We are currently working on the final touches of releasing the 2.0 release.  The tasks that
remain are to improve code coverage, review and complete javadoc, and complete user documentation.

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