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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: j2me commons?
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 20:01:34 GMT

In message <>, "Jame
s Carman" writes:
>That sounds more like something that would be a top-level-project,
>IMHO.  I could see multiple modules in something like J2ME Commons.
>I'm sure there isn't a standard set of "things you want to do for
>j2me."  I would assume (having never written for the J2ME platform)
>that there are various categories of "things" you'd want to do.

I would think so too in the long run (having developed for J2ME
over the years) and believe this is where jakarta-oro should migrate
to if JME (I thought Sun changed the name to Java Micro Edition,
dropping the 2) still does not provide a regular expression API.  I
haven't kept up with the latest JME developments since I stopped
writing for Java Pro, so I can't be sure.  At any rate, I know
some J2ME developers have been using oro (and even the ancient
Java 1.1 OROMatcher).  For example, I believe jakarta-oro 2.0.8
was (and may still be) part of the NetBeans Mobility Pack.
I'm willing to do the work to strip out any extra baggage and
make oro fit well with whatever the latest JME spec is should a
JME-oriented commons emerge.

However, I think the first step should be for Nick to do whatever he
wants in the sandbox and see what happens.  If there's too much
functionality for a single Commons component, then split it up into
multiple Commons components that happen to focus on JME (at which point
I would propose to move jakarta-oro to commons and strip out all of its
classes/functions not relevant to J2ME).  If there are enough
JME components over time, then a split into a top-level JME project
would be in order.


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