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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [all][nabla] proposition for a new project in sandbox
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2008 01:56:39 GMT
>> Well, I am wondering if this really is a "common" need that should  
>> go into
>> the commons project. We already have "math".
>> If it doesn't fit in there it might well be better of to get it  
>> into labs
>> IMO - not commons.
> I would say the same could apply to many commons or commons-sandbox  
> components.

Well, I think most of the commons projects rather try to fill a gap in  
the java language APIs. This clearly is not the case for the suggested  
new sandbox arrival. If it really could go into Math that would be  
fine with me. But I don't see it as a candidate for an individual  
commons project.

> It does not belong in labs because it is intended as a
> community project.

The way I understand the purpose of Labs is to have sandbox that is  
under no particular top level project. ...and community being less of  
issue but people are more than welcome to join efforts there as  
well.And surely the goal is to get passed this and join a TLP if  
successful. But that's my interpretation of the Labs Bylaws.

If we are willing to accept it into Math potentially it would be of  
course much easier to start in our sandbox ...or a different branch in  



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