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From "Tobias Bocanegra" <>
Subject Re: [CLI] Release CLI2 ?
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2008 15:59:31 GMT
>  >  My work practice will be to take a branch of Commons CLI using either
>  >  Bazaar or Git -- I don't think Mercurial has proper Subversion support
>  >  as yet, so is not an option.  This will almost certainly be a branch
>  >  without previous history to avoid having to process 639959 commits!  I
>  >  will then keep a Subversion Head mirror and a personal branch of changes
>  >  to create patches.  I would publish these branches and cross merge with
>  >  anyone else actively working on this.  So this solves the problem of
>  >  needing Subversion commit access to progress. However, it does require
>  >  someone with commit access to triage and process patches on an active
>  >  basis.
>  As long as it ends up being atomic patches in the JIRA; any work
>  practice is great :)
i'd be happy to work on the issues as well. since i don't have the
proper JIRA karma to accept issues, how should we coordinate issue

>  I build the site under m1 and then look at the reports. Found one nice
>  bug with findbugs tonight, other noise to fix, like should the
>  Comparators implement Serializable, and should Option because it's in
>  an Exception. Lots of checkstyle noise, but because the style isn't
>  set yet. PMD has nothing, which is good. It's usually the most
>  important one to get zero'd out.
i will look into it and provide the necessary pom patches.

regards, toby

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