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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [logging] Creating a 2.0 exploratory branch?
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2008 12:59:53 GMT
>>>> Does anyone mind if I start a 2.0 exploratory branch where we  
>>>> can look
>>>> into splitting JCL up into multiple modules?

Actually I have also been thinking of starting a JCL 2.0

It would be a chance to fix the bad reputation.

>>> I think you're biting off a really big task here.
>>>  SLF4J has strengths, but also weaknesses. There are some things  
>>> it does
>>>  better than commons-logging, but some things that it cannot do.  
>>> I would
>>>  therefore be against just duplicating SLF4J and calling it the
>>>  "replacement" for commons-logging 1.1.x.
>> Well, I only plan on changing the discovery part.  Currently, I think
>> we just do something like this:
>> 1.  If log4j is there, use that.
>> 2.  If not, if jdk4 logging is available use that.
>> 3.  If not, then try avalon logkit, etc.

I think the whole JCL problem is that it does to much. I would be all  
for doing something much more simple.
That'd be e.g. - no discovery at all.

Will it in the end be similar to SLF4J - probably somewhat.


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