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From "Niall Pemberton" <>
Subject [all] OSGi configuration for Commons Components
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2008 21:29:30 GMT
I have updated the wiki page so that it reflects the current situation
with the release of commons-parent-9 - adding an explanation of how to
override the default OSGi configuration (if required) in component

For many of our simpler (simpler wrt to OSGI means no or minimal
dependencies) components the default instructions for the
maven-bundle-plugin are sufficient - but for more complex situations
these may need to be overriden. This should be easy to do by simply
specifying the appropriate properties (see the wiki page) in the
component pom (fileupload's pom is an example of doing this).

The felix project have set up poms to re-package some of our older
releases here:

I have looked through those and have the following thoughts:

1) Collections
- no idea why Collections doesn't import its packages - seems to go
against the general advice the Felix project has given - need to
follow up with them on this

2) Configuration
- many of the dependencies are specified as dynamic imports, probably
need to replicate that but would be good for the Felix project to

3) Digester
- org.apache.commons.logging.impl is specified as a dynamic import -
should all components using logging do this?

4) JXPath
- review the Import-Package, DynamicImport-Package and Export-Package
instructions Felix have used

5) Logging
- the advice seem to be to not OSGi enable logging, but they have
re-packaged it?

There are probably other components, that they don't have, that need
to be reviewed with the Felix team


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