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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [configuration] Type conversion
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 20:45:10 GMT
Emmanuel Bourg schrieb:
> Oliver Heger a écrit :
>> Do we need to specify a date format?
>> Because a configuration file is not intended to be viewed or edited by 
>> an end user we could define our own format (e.g. the format used by 
>> the java.sql date types) and always use it for date <-> string 
>> conversions.
> Properties file are often edited by hand, that's why we have a 
> PropertyConfigurationLayout class to keep the file easily readable by a 
> human being. Also, DataConfiguration already defines a default date 
> format if the user doesn't bother to specify one.
>> This would simplify the API and its use.
> I would agree if the date conversion was a new feature, I'm just keeping 
> the vararg parameter to remain compatible with the existing 
> configuration files.
> Emmanuel Bourg
I agree that the date format should be configurable. But there are 
certainly other alternatives.

For instance, the date format could be a property of the date converter. 
If users have special requirements, they can register a new date 
converter with a different format pattern, overriding the default one.

I would really like to avoid adding a parameter to an interface method 
that is only used by a specific implementation of that interface.


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