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From "Oberhuber, Martin" <>
Subject Commons Net 1.5: Updated Changelog
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 00:23:57 GMT
Hi Rory,

based on my observations of diff'ing 1.5.0-candidate
against 1.4.1, I dived into SVN Changelogs and came up with what
I think should be an accurate changelog.

Please consider adding this into xdoc/changes.xml.

I've added JIRA references for the issues fixed, wherever I found
them. I noticed that some of these JIRA references do not have
the "fix version = 1.5.0" associated. I believe that this should
be done in order to support JIRA queries.

Also, I've added the fix for NET-73 here already since I truly
believe this must be added to 1.5.0.

		<release version="1.5.0" date="" description="">
			<action dev="dfs" type="fix" issue="NET-3"> Applied Rob
				&lt;rhasselbaum ->;
				patch for PR 38688 fixing a
				TelnetInputStream hang.
			<action dev="rwinston" type="fix"
issue="NET-73"> Fixing another
potential deadlock for 
                        telnet and FTP (patch courtesy Rob Hasselbaum).
			<action dev="dfs" type="update" issue="NET-57"> Exposed control connection of
				class via _controlInput_ and
				protected member variables in response
				to PR 38309 reported by
			<action dev="rwinston" type="fix"
issue="NET-68"> Fix bug causing final
				to not be sent.
			<action dev="rwinston" type="fix"
issue="NET-161"> Fix sendFile() (related
to NET-68).
			<action dev="rwinston" type="fix"
issue="NET-181"> block number
			<action dev="scohen" type="fix" issue="NET-16"> support for
group names with
                        spaces (patch courtesy D. Kilzer).
			<action dev="scohen" type="fix" issue="NET-62">
                        NoClassDefFoundError in FTP parser exception
                        when ORO is not available.
			<action dev="rwinston" type="add"
issue="NET-33"> Fix closing FTP
ServerSocket after timeout
			<action dev="rwinston" type="add"> Added an FTP
parser for Netware FTP servers.
                        Tested on Novell Netware 6.5.
			<action dev="rwinston" type="fix"
issue="NET-188"> Fix leap
year date parsing bug.
			<action dev="rwinston" type="fix"> Fix minor issues with NNTP

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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