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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject [configuration] Type conversion
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2008 16:15:48 GMT

I've been working on the type conversion lately, it's almost complete, I 
still have to refactor the unit tests and write the docs. Here is what I 
plan to commit:

- A new Converter interface is introduced in the o.a.c.c.converter 
package. This interface has a single method designed to convert a value 
into any other type:

public interface Converter
     <T> T convert(Class<T> cls, Object value, Object... params) throws 

- the DefaultConverter class in the same package provides a default 
implementation of this interface.

- AbstractConfiguration has a new instance field with get/setters to 
specify the converter to be used. DefaultConverter is used by default. 
Another implementation using BeanUtils or Morph can be used instead (I 
implemented a converter based on BeanUtils as an example but it supports 
only the String->Object conversion).

- internally, DefaultConverter uses a set of package private type 
converters to handle the conversion into a specific type 
(LocaleConverter, DateConverter, etc). The TypeConverter interface looks 
like this :

interface TypeConverter<T>
     T convert(Object value, Object... params) throws ConversionException;

- the to<Type>() methods in PropertyConverter are removed. I suggest 
renaming the class to PropertyUtils to avoid any confusion with the 

What do you think?

Emmanuel Bourg

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