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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Proxy 1.0 (from rc2)
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2008 23:46:43 GMT
No major problems, however there are some items that can be improved:

Dependency Listings entry:

Commons Proxy

Java library for dynamic proxying


Not sure where that originates, but it does not look right.

Ideally there should be a Developer or Building page describing how to
build the code.

It would be useful to have a text file in the source archive with
basic build info as well.

It would be good to mention the required Java version in the Release Notes.

On 20/02/2008, Emmanuel Bourg <> wrote:
> A few suggestions for the next release (don't hold 1.0 just for this if
>  you don't have the time) :
>  - A tutorial with short code examples would be nice to get a quick taste
>  of the API. The overview page is not very sexy, I'm not a proxy guru and
>  I'm not sure to understand what I can achieve with the component.
>  - package.html files are missing, the consequence is an almost blank
>  table when the Javadoc is opened
>  - the javadoc for classes such as JavassistUtils is missing. Some
>  classes or interfaces with only one method have a javadoc at the class
>  level but not at the method level. I understand that the method comment
>  will most likely be redundant, but it's still useful for an IDE such as
>  IntelliJ that can display the method documentation in a popup window.
>  Emmanuel Bourg
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