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Subject Re: [math] 1.2-RC1 available for review
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 10:40:27 GMT
I have performed some of the changes proposed by Michael. Here is a summary of
the svn log messages:

- AbstractEstimator:

improved SOC between AbstractEstimator and its derived classes
(changed fields from protected to private, changed methods to final,
added counter incrementation final method)

- SimpleEstimationProblem:
changed ArrayList to List
made fields final

- Rotation:
improved javadoc (null norm => zero norm)
improved exception consistency
(ArithmeticException => IllegalArgumentException for zero norm argument vectors)
Patch welcome.

- Vector3D:
improved consistency between Vector3D and RealMatrix API
(multiply -> scalarMultiply)
improved javadoc

- DirectSearchOptimizer:
fixed functions names (minimizes -> minimize)


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