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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject RE: [Commons Wiki] Update of "CommonsOsgi" by NiallPemberton
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2008 09:31:15 GMT
Simon Kitching wrote:
> ---- Apache Wiki <> schrieb:
>>   set up. Therefore adding OSGi attributes to
> commons-logging is not useful, as commons-logging
>>   is not usable in an OSGi environment.
>> + ''niallp: Can't be? But what if it is, logging is used by
> many so I would be surprised if its not.''
> Well, I'm basing my info on an email sent to this list about
> two weeks ago. But it seems sensible to me: commons-logging
> plays lots of tricks with classloaders to try to accomodate the needs
> of (a) dumb logging libs,
> (b) dumb servlet engines,
> (c) dump jee specs, and
> (d) dumb users.
> OSGi sets up its own complicated classloader hierarchies to
> try to hide certain java classes from each other, allow
> dynamic reloading of class hierarchies, etc.
> I haven't specifically looked into it, but the original
> poster was quite definite that they are not compatible, and I
> would actually be very surprised if they were. (He was also
> unnecessarily rude, but that's another matter).
> Supposedly, there is a library out there somewhere that
> implements the commons-logging api (ie provides classes in
> the org.apache.commons.logging namespace) but implements
> things in an OSGi-aware manner.
> As OSGi is becoming more popular, it would be nice if a link
> to that package was present on the commons-logging wiki.

Obviously it can be turned into an OSGi bundle, since TPTP delivers one for CL. Although not
without problems: (don't be confused
about the bug report speaking of Log4j, my app uses CL and bundles Log4J here).

- Jörg

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