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From Stephen Kestle <>
Subject Re: Collections and Lang branches for 1.5 features
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2008 21:53:58 GMT wrote:
> What about Collections?
Yeah - at the moment Stephen Colebourne and I are the only comitters.  
He's busy working on a JSR and some other stuff, and I've had some 
medical setbacks in the family that mean young children have been handed 
around somewhat.  It's looking like I should have time around the end of 
January to start getting the patches in, but I've said that before... :)

It's sort of a hard road from this point - without an available project 
lead, it's really difficult to get another committer.  This is mainly 
due to the requirements of committers to be relatively anal about what 
they put in (and rightly so - this is a major api).  I consider myself 
lucky to have gotten on the list.

I'll try to find to do at least a patch a week, eh?

To progress!


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