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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: [exec] How to support the various Logging APIs?!
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2008 09:37:31 GMT
Hi folks,

fortunately my personal opinion is shared with parts of the commons 
community (well, I'm doing some cherry picking here) so I propose

+) remove any logging support forcing an additional dependency
+) provide documentation how to hook in an arbitrary logging API

On the downside the current implementation silently drops so many 
exceptions that I feel a bit uncomfortable about it (or to state it more 
clearly I would reject such a code during code review) -  so I have no 
final conclusion what to do

+) doing nothing is simple and straight forward
+) passing a simple logger facade is a way to go but not terribly 
elegant (we call it "edelhack" in German)
+) I'm not repeating all the other arguments here regarding logging 
frameworks but state that I have no favorite


Siegfried Goeschl

Luc Maisonobe wrote:
> Siegfried Goeschl wrote:
>> Because using commons-logging is not undisputed and log4j/jdk logging 
>> would reduce the number of dependencies for a user
> I agree. Lots of debate have already occured on this subject, and no 
> consensus reached. This simply shows this is a matter of taste, and 
> probably even passion. So there is no point in pushing one choice 
> among the users. I do have a favorite library too, but will neither 
> say what it is nor try to provide any argument for it.
> Removing a dependency is always a good thing for a library that is 
> intended to be a building bloc for some higher level application.
> Torsten Curd wrote:
> > And I would argue that a library should be so robust that (at
> > least preferably) it does not need any logging at all ...or if there
> > is a problem you just debug it.
> I also agree. Commons are quite low level components, they should be 
> as lighweight as possible. They should neither impose some framework 
> to work nor make any assumption on how they will be used. They should 
> be robust and simple enough to not need logging *inside* themselves.
> Luc
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