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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: [exec] how to proceed for a nearly dormant project
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2008 08:43:40 GMT
Hi Torsten,

see my comments below


Siegfried Goeschl

Torsten Curdt wrote:
> On 02.01.2008, at 19:57, Siegfried Goeschl wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I fixed a few things on commons-exec but I'm not sure how to proceed
>> from here since I'm the last/only man standing.
>> 1) I nearly finished the open issue and need to do some field testing -
>> and I would need some help on more exotic platforms ... :-)
> Cool
>> 2) if everything is okay I would like to release commons-exec-1.0.0
> No objections. Just a bit concerned about the "nearly dormant". On the 
> other hand I have been using a snapshot too myself before.
>> 3) not sure if I'm  proper commons committer but somehow SVN access
>> works for the sandbox SVN
> You are listed as committer in the authorization file.
>> 4) I assume that I need a PMC to cut a RC and the release later on - is
>> this correct?
> Yes, the PMC needs to agree on the release.
>> 5) recently there was a lot of discussion regarding release and parent
>> poms - I'm currently using commons-sandbox-parent-3-SNAPSHOT which might
>> not be good enough for a release considering the maven-release-plugin.
>> Is there a non-SNAPSHOT parent pom or can a release be only done from a
>> commons-proper project
> Exec would need to migrate to proper first.
According to the website moving to proper requires an "active group of 
committers" - I hardly qualifiy for that so I'm sort of stuck

Therefore I see two options

+) one existing committer teams up with me (preferred but rather 
unlikely looking at the recent activity)
+) I leave commons-exec at it is in the sandbox  and push out a SNAPSHOT 

> cheers
> -- 
> Torsten
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