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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [all] project.xml name element inconsistency
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2008 09:38:34 GMT
---- Gary Gregory <> schrieb:
> Hello all:
> I am seeing two types of names in project.xml name elements. For a project "Foo":
> - Foo
> - Commons Foo
> Can we standardize one pattern for all [commons] projects?
> Current examples:
> Codec (SVN)
> Commons Pool (SVN)
> FileUpload (1.2.1 rc3)
> IO (SVN)
> Lang (SVN)
> Over the two, I would pick "Commons Foo".
> In project.xml there is no slot for a container project like "Commons". When I build
a list of projects based on the names, the missing  "Commons" prefix messes up the order.

Making the name too short is also bad when using Continuum; the name is used in the web GUI
display, and in the subject line of related automated emails. Just today there was an automated
email to the myfaces list saying that project "Simple Example" failed to build. It was actually
the Tobago Simple Example project that failed, but you needed to open the email and look at
the svn url to discover that; the subject line was not sufficient.


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