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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: [all] Commons SCXML 0.7 RC2 available
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2007 14:14:32 GMT
Thanks again, I've never received much feedback on the site, so thats
quite useful. Replies below ...

On 12/12/07, sebb <> wrote:
> A few files still refer to jakarta for stuff that has moved to commons TLP:
> doap_scxml.rdf
> faq.fml
> scxml-documents.xml
> testing-standalone.xml
> scxml-stopwatch.xml

Will fix (TODO #1).

> > Staged site:
> >
> >
> It's quite difficult to find the download link.

Yup, requires scrolling to get to the "Releases" section. Will add a
more prominent pointer (TODO #2).

> There does not seem to be a Wiki link.

There is one on the index page, but again, not prominent (tempted to
leave it at that):

> It would be useful if these were in the top part of the left-hand panel.
> The left-hand panel seems to have some duplication, e.g.
> Dependencies, Mailing Lists, Team, SVN Repository which are also under
> Project Info. I'd suggest dropping the former.

This is based on user feedback that those links (particularly
dependencies and SVN pointers IIRC) are hard to find (not all users
are familiar with Maven site layout, the Project Info bit etc.). ISTR
there was a specific suggestion to pull them up one level.

> "Dependencies" notes that xalan is needed for Java 1.5 - what about 1.6?
> Should that be Java 1.5+?

I think so (TODO #3).

> > Notes:
> >  * m1 release, JDK 1.4 minimum
> Could not find Java requirement anywhere on the site.
> Could it be added as a dependency in maven.xml/pom.xml, or would that
> break Maven?

No it wouldn't break Maven. The m1 build (primary build) has the
details specified in (see file at tag root):

We also have the X-Compile-{Source,Target}-JDK headers in the jar
manifest (though I don't expect people to know that unless they look).
Don't think we actually list JDK requirements more explicitly then
that, perhaps we should.

> IMO none of the above comments are blocking for this release.

I think so too. The three site TODOs marked above will go live on
c.a.o within a day or two of the release (ofcourse, the distros for
v0.7, if indeed same as RC2, won't contain those corrections).


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