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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Apache Commons Board Report, December 2007
Date Sun, 16 Dec 2007 13:04:32 GMT
Apache Commons Board Report, December 2007


   o The process of electing PMC members and committers has been  
fixated in writing 

     This brought up the question what should happen first: Ask  
whether the person
     wants to join the PMC before asking for the board's ack ...or  
first checking
     with the board so that a rejection is a more private affair and  
does not harm
     any feeling of the potential candidate. The general consensus  
was to check with
     the board first.

     If there any thoughts we are happy get some further feedback on  

   o JDK compatibility has always been a strong contract at Commons.  
Support for older
     java version has always been very important. There still is not  
a single Commons
     component that made the move to java 5. It has been raised that  
this might become a
     problem in the future if we don't move forward on this. More and  
more users expect us
     to also provide them with libraries that make use of the  
features of new java platforms.
     This seems especially crucial for Commons Collections and Lang.

     The exact steps have not been decided yet but it seems like a  
separate package
     name and keeping the older libraries on a maintenance branch is  
a viable option.

   o Based on user activity is slowly declining  
while developer
     discussions have picked up a bit.

   o Quick news for some of the components:

     o Question has come up whether commons codec is thread safe
       - request for better documentation
     o More activity on commons jexl
       - discussion for a roadmap towards 2.0
     o Discussion about moving commons jci fam (file alteration  
monitor) component from jci to io
       - overlap with commons vfs fam
       - no agreement how to move forward yet
       - options
         - keep in jci (already own jar)
         - own component (a bit small)
         - move into io (increases the size of io)
     o Again the question have been brought up about the status of  
commons cli 2.0
       - working but no release
       - little activity
       - cli 1.1 introduced some showstoppers
       - other projects (like groovy) might look into other libraries  
     o Concerns have been raised related to the retirement of Jakarta  
Slide. It was suggested
       that VFS could include an implementation of a webdav client.  
This has been rejected as
       out of scope.


   o Released
     - commons configuration 1.5
     - commons logging 1.1.1
     - commons parent pom 5
     - commons skin 2

   o Upcoming
     - commons SCXML 0.7


   o The maven based release process has been discussed and improved.

   o Created a pmc area in subversion with
     - board reports
     - tsu report
     - process templates (new committer/new pmc member)


   o New committers
     - Jukka Zitting
   o New PMC member
     - James Carman
     - Ben Speakmon

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