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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: [pool] 1.3-1.4 compatibility
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 14:24:41 GMT
Quick update on this.

I created 1_4_RELEASE_BRANCH so we should be reviewing / patching the
code there for the release.

Clirr flagged only the change in default values for
DEFAULT_TEST_ON_BORROW mentioned above.  Among the changes described
in [1] that have been implemented, I think we need to roll back

0) change in DEFAULT_TEST_ON_BORROW values

1) the behavior change that forgoes validation prior to returning
newly created objects from the pool (see the diffs for e.g. GOP

2) the change to have [Keyed]PoolableObjectFactory getNumIdle and
getNumActive methods
return negative values if they aren't supported.

I don't think the other changes, which improve robustness and
documentation, need to be rolled back or deferred to a 2.0.

I will make the changes in 0)-2) in the 1.4 release branch and add
details on the other behavior changes to the release notes.

I will cut the RC using maven 1 and generate release notes from
changes.xml.  Patches on this and other site elements most welcome.
Also more eyeballs on the changes recently made and the changelog for
the core classes would be appreciated.




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