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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: [DBCP] 1.3 release?
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2007 05:11:39 GMT
On Dec 6, 2007 7:32 PM, Kevan Miller <> wrote:
> I see that a 1.3 commons-dbcp release has been discussed a couple of
> times on the list. Can someone help me understand where things stand,
> currently?

I just did a little cleanup so the JIRA issues with 1.3 fix version
are what I think we should try to get resolved for the release.  What
we need is help getting these closed and tested.  Patches and/or
comments are most welcome.

Several of the issues are blocked by open pool bugs.  I have been
short of time recently, but my original plan was to first push out a
pool 1.4 release and then dbcp 1.3 with dependency bumped to pool 1.4.
 This is not strictly speaking necessary, but at least I have been
thinking of it that way.   I will RM both releases if I can get some
help and community feedback on changes.

Here is a little more commentary on the 1.3-marked issues.  Patches /
review welcome!

DBCP-214 Basic datasource should respect the context classloader
Seems a reasonable request, but needs careful review and testing

DBCP-244 Connection socket hangs sporadically in DBCP 1.2.2 but not 1.2.1
May be due to reduced db access from changes to address DBCP-102.

DBCP-206  DBCP high performance contention point
One of several due to added synchronization in pool 1.3

DBCP-216  Improvement of error recovery in KeyedCPDSConnectionFactory
Fix needs review

DBCP-237 InstanceKeyDataSource.getConnection, exception during setup Defaults()
Looks like an easy fix.

 DBCP-205 Intermittently getting "Could not retrieve connection info
from pool" when under load
Essentially same issue as 206

DBCP-246 Logging For DBCP
See commons-dev thread on logging
Need to decide on commons-logging or jdk or something else.

DBCP-234 Only set *configured* default values for Connection
Good idea, just work.

DBCP-201 Statement closing due to unprovoked rollback
Another pool bug.

DBCP-238 The BasicDataSource setLoginTimeout and getLoginTimeout are
not supported
Not obvious how this should work.

DBCP-44 [dbcp] Evictor thread in GenericObjectPool has potential for deadlock
Big prize to whoever can find a way to fix this without major surgery

DBCP-61 [dbcp] Individual connection close method
Reasonable request - just work.

DBCP-34 	UNRESOLVED 	[dbcp] SharedPoolDataSource raises exception
while closing invalid connection
This may be resolved in fixes for 216

 DBCP-8  [dbcp][PATCH] Handle changed passwords in SharedPoolDataSource
Same comment as 16

 DBCP-235 accessToUnderlyingConnectionAllowed flag in
ManagedConnection breaks equals, hashCode and toString
PITA, but should be fixed

DBCP-212 PoolingDataSource closes physical connections
Pool over-synch again.
> OpenEJB is currently dependent upon 1.3-SNAPSHOT. Would be great to
> get a released version of dbcp. I may be able to lend a hand, if
> needed, but no promises...

Thanks in advance for any comments, patches or testing.  I uploaded a
new dbcp snap to the apache snapshot repo a couple of weeks ago.
Testing with that and future snaps during runup to release will be

Unless there are objections to this, I would also like to update the
pool dependency in trunk to 1.3-SNAPSHOT so we can start getting this
dragged along too.

> --kevan
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