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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: Support for OSGi
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2007 15:47:45 GMT
nicolas de loof wrote:
> Could such support be added using maven-osgi ?
> (
This artifact contains some utility code - in fact it is used by the
Felix bundleplugin
So, you need the bundleplugin.

> I've never used it myself, but from what I've read on osgi, the bundle
> meta-datas could be created based on the POM (for modules depdendencies,
> version, etc..) Just the public API needs to be set in any way.
Yes, exactly - it's not that much you have to define.

> The felix wrappers (
> use a custom bundle packaging based on felix maven-bundle-plugin. How to
> this tooling overlap with maven-osgi ?
The maven-bundle-plugin is the one to use (as outlined above)

> Latest question, why not just provide the required MANIFEST entries (or
> plugin configuration) as patch ? All the required work seems to have been
> done on felix side !
Yes, that's basically our idea - on the other hand, we don't want to
provide all the patches when there is no interest in applying them :)
So, this thread is about checking interest :) and perhaps some of the
commons projects want to do it on their own :)

> Nico.
> 2007/12/19, Carsten Ziegeler <>:
>> Hi,
>> the products of commons are highly used throughout many projects.
>> It would be great, if the projects here at Apche Commons could help
>> those projects that are using OSGi.
>> OSGi is based around the concept of a bundle - a bundle is a jar file
>> with additional meta data like the packages it exports and a list of
>> external packages it is using (please forgive me if I'm simplifying here
>> too much).
>> As many projects are using artifacts from Apache Commons, they need the
>> specific jars as bundles. This is most often done by creating so called
>> wrapper bundles: these are jars that have the same contents as the
>> original library with the addition of the required meta data.
>> You can find several examples here:
>> Now, it would be great, if the projects here at Apache Commons would
>> already provide artifacs that can be directly used in an OSGi environment.
>> All that has to be done is adding some entries to the manifest. This is
>> usually a list of imported packages, a list of exported packages, a
>> symbolic name for the bundle and a version. (There are some more but
>> these are the most important ones).
>> Adding these entries can be done by hand (not recommended) or with tools
>> automatically. For example the Apache Felix maven bundleplugin requires
>> just some lines of configuration and that's it.
>> It would be great if some of the projects here could add these meta data
>> as part of their next release. This will make the life of all projects
>> using OSGi much much easier.
>> So if you're interested in helping us, just let us know. We would be
>> happy to make the required changes to the poms or whatever needs to be
>> done. I cc'ed the Felix dev list as some Felix developers might not be
>> subscribed to the commons dev list, so please keep them cross posted.
>> Thanks
>> Carsten
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