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From Joerg Hohwiller <>
Subject [logging] start JSR to add interface "org.apache.commons.logging.Log" to JDK
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 23:49:58 GMT
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Hi everybody,

you might say I am crazy but I am totally serious with this.
I mentioned the idea once before but was more like joking.
I kept thinking about this one and came to the impression that
there are good arguments to do so:

We should open a JSR to add the Interface
as is into the JDK. Additionally a NoOpLog implementation
should be included. That is all.

If this would happen, then:
1. J.U.L could directly implement the Log interface.
This might never happen (at least without an adapter since
the JDK is very strict about compatibility) but however.

2. All other loggers such as log4j could directly implement this interface.
This might also only happen in some decades because JDK7+ will take
some time to be out everywhere ;)

3. Everybody could write libraries, dependencies, etc.
that use a Log and by default initialize it with a
singleton instance of NoOpLog. Further they can offer a
setLogger(Log) method that allows to inject a real logger instance.
Such components then do NOT need additional dependencies.

Arguments for the JSR:
- - A lot of code is already using commons-logging.
- - It is just about adding one interface and one
  class to the JDK, so no big thing with a quite huge win.

Arguments aginst the JSR:
- - For "political" reasons about the design of J.U.L some people
of the JCP might not like this. But haven't they learned
about open-source now (maybe still not the whole story but at
least a lot)?

Comments are very welcome. Even if you stone me.

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