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From "Ben Speakmon" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Email 1.1
Date Sat, 22 Sep 2007 20:56:58 GMT
> I agree with Oliver though that the backward compat isssue requires a
> major version bump and ideally deprecation before that.  Any way it
> can be worked around?

Sure, I can just rename the new field and deprecate the new one.

A few more observations.
> 1) I notice that the src distro includes a /lib directory with some
> jars that the README says are not needed by the maven build.
> Shouldn't these be removed from the distro?  Both mvn and ant builds
> seem to work without this directory.  This is a showstopper if the
> license is not compatible.

I'll double-check this; if I'm right about the new ant build, they're not
necessary anymore.

2) What is the difference between maven-build.xml and build.xml?  Both
> seem to work.  Maybe one should be removed?  Could be I am missing
> something here.

They came from the maven 2 ant file generator. The idea is that
user-specific customizations go in the build.xml while the
maven-build.xmlis read-only. I thought it was a little silly myself,
but it was much easier
to regenerate the ant files than try to fix the old autogenerated one.
Perhaps a note in the build instructions?

3) The manifest has built-by attribute "ben".  I don't know if if is
> possible to override the built-by using m2, but it would be good to
> make this "bspeakmon. "

Good idea. I'm sure there's an option for it somewhere.

4) Opinions vary on this, but at least some of us think that it is
> best to build the release binary jars using the lowest supported jdk -
> which in this case should be 1.4.  Looks like the binary was built
> using 1.6.

I'm not that concerned about it personally, but it does look better to those
who care deeply about it if I use the target JDK. Since I'm doing another
build anyway, it's no biggie to switch.

Sigs and hashes check fine.  We need to make sure to update
> to add your key prior to
> release.  Do we just copy this from SVN?  You should also publish your
> key to some keyservers and get it signed.

Will do. Henri should have a signed copy of my key as well.

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