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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Email 1.1 (RC2)
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2007 20:05:16 GMT
Everything looks good, except for one thing, which I think needs to be 
fixed: the jar with the javadocs does not contain NOTICE.txt and 
LICENSE.txt. (The jar with the sources contains these files, but they 
are stored in the top level rather than in META-INF; don't know whether 
this is problematic.)


Ben Speakmon wrote:
> The zombie continues to shuffle across the post-apocalyptic wasteland...
> I'm proposing RC2 which addresses the issues found in RC1.
> Artifacts:
> Staged site:
> Release notes:
> <>
> clirr:
> <>
> rat:
> Changes from RC1:
> * The breaking change in compatibility has been addressed by changing the
> field back to its original type and name, deprecating it, and using a new
> field name for the new feature.
> * clirr/rat reports are now included in the generated site.
> * The lib/ directory in SVN contains two jars that are only present for
> gump's benefit; since the source distribution of commons-email gets required
> dependencies from public maven repos, the jars do not need to be present and
> have been removed from the assemblies.
> * The build instructions have been updated to clarify the roles of the
> maven-generated ant builds.
> * Builds were redone using JDK 1.4.2_15 and the default user was overridden
> to "bspeakmon". The manifests also reflect these changes.
> Some are concerned about changing the group ID in the POM. I'm pushing back
> on this for two reasons: using org.apache.commons is the correct group ID to
> use for maven 2 builds; also, from my read of the discussions we've already
> had on this, we have stipulated that this change will need to happen
> eventually. When a project moves to maven 2, as this one now has, it seems
> that now is the best time to make the change and deal with the
> ramifications. When the release is approved, I'll be adding relocation POMs
> in the main maven repository to ensure a smooth upgrade for users, and I'll
> also address any other concerns the list may have similarly.
> The previous vote is vacated with no result due to the RC's withdrawal, and
> this vote now controls. Again, my +1 is nonbinding, so the release needs
> three PMC +1s.
> [] +1
> [] +-0
> [] -1
> Vote will close at noon PDT on Thursday to give everyone three full night
> periods. TIA for all reviewers' time.
> --Ben

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