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From Ramiro Pereira de Magalhaes <>
Subject (EMAIL) Donation/Proposal for Commons-Email 2.0
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2007 04:00:55 GMT

I was once writing some code in order to study the Javamail API while 
trying to  address some issues I thought the commons-email API had. For 
instance, I think it's very hard to maintain the EMail class  due to 
many concerns being addressed in it. Also it seemed to me that it would 
be very hard to add to the library the possibility of sending the 
distinct parts of a multipart message in a specific order. At last, I 
tried to create components that could be used with annotations (though I 
think I've not been very successful in this task).

I did not complete the library because I ran out of time. So, I'd like 
to donate my work to you, hoping it work at least as some kind of 
inspiration to anyone interested in constructing the commons-email 2.0.

I attached to this message the files I have. If this is not the correct 
place to post them, please tell me where I should put them. I built the 
project with:

- Javamail 1.4
- activation 1.1
- retroweaver-2.0
- subethasmtp-1.2
- commons-logging-1.0.4
- junit-3.8.1
- ant

Best regards,
Ramiro Pereira de Magalhães

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