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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [vfs] Re: Specifying options to FTP etc..
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 11:20:30 GMT
> I think the use of the ?? would not be a good URI scheme. However, maybe we
> could simply make the VFS parameters unique. For example add vfs. in front
> of them. 
> For example, 
> http://www/path/cgi-bin/
Yes, for sure, this could make it too - I thought about it too. Even if
I am still not that happy with this query-string parsing/repacking stuff
I'd commit it if someone contributes a patch.

I'll help with dealing with the details, but have not much time to do it
myself yet.
We have to figure out:
* do we rely on url-escape strings with this url parameters too? (I'd
say no - except for the "&" character itself)
* if we do - how to deal with the used charset? (I'd say we expect them
to be in UTF-8 then, regardless of the charset of the other parameters)
* do we strip these parameters off so that we have a query string
without these special fields when sending to the remote host? (I'd say yes)
* enhance the filename so that we have the queryString (as now) and a
remoteQueryString which will be passed to the remote server
* use the new remoteQueryString e.g. with the http filesystem

It would be great if someone could open a JIRA ticket at least that we
don't loose the request.


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