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From "Jochen Wiedmann" <>
Subject Re: FileUploadBase.setFileSizeMax & MultipartStream.ItemInputStream.makeAvailable()
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 06:13:10 GMT
On 8/30/07, Eric Hermanson <> wrote:

> setFileSizeMax is apparently intended to prevent the file upload if
> the file about to be uploaded is larger than a given size.  However,
> the exception does not get processed until AFTER the entire file is
> uploaded to the server (thereby defeating the purpose of the limit).

That's not the case. If you are setting this property, then the file
items input stream is wrapped by an instance of LimitedInputStream.
That instance raises the exception as soon as more than fileSizeMax
bytes are returned to the caller. It may certainly look so, if the
uploaded file is, for example, 10.5 MB and the limit is 10MB. Apart
from that, it is quite possible that the exception is ignored by the
browser and the browser continues to shuffle data to the server. But
that's nothing we can control.

I admit, that an additional improvement could be made: We might check,
if the file items headers (as opposed to the request headers) contain
a content-length entry, which exceeds the limit. However, I admit that
this would help, because I've seen few cases where the item does
contain a content-length header. Patches welcome, though.

> I went into the debugger and noticed that
>         MultipartStream.ItemInputStream.close()
> is calling
>         MultipartStream.ItemInputStream.makeAvailable()
> and the call to in that method is actually what's
> causing the entirety of the oversized file upload data to be
> incorrectly read.

This may be the case, if you haven't read all the data before invoking
the close() method.


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