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From "Chr. Grobmeier" <>
Subject Re: [VFS] Writing to Jar, Zip, Tar..
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2007 04:37:24 GMT
Hi Asankha,

there was efford before months to improve the underlying component,
commons compress. Compress was one of the showstoppers for VFS. After
it was clear that compress needs more time than VFS to be released,
the VFS team copied the compress classes into VFS and released that
component. Since then compress was developed independent. Unfortunatly
the interest in releasing compress was quite less from this point of
time and we didn't finish the read/write support. I have the basics of
read/write access on my local harddrive, but its not ready yet. Since
i am not a comitter i found it very difficult to contribute and my
interest dissappeard too.
Well, if there is any interest again in doing this i could finish
that. But in fact there have been also discussion to put compress from
sandbox to dormant; one of the commons comitter complained that the
compress lib is very difficult to understand.


On 8/24/07, Asankha C. Perera <> wrote:
> I am a committer of the Apache Synapse project and we are using VFS to
> build a file transport through Apache Axis2. However, it seems like we
> cannot 'write' to or create new Jar, Zip files through VFS.. is this a
> current limitation?
> If so, is anyone currently working on this to provide write support as
> well? In the ZipFileSystem class, some lines are commented and I was
> wondering if someone already has done some work on this - but haven't
> yet exposed this over the public API?
> public ZipFileSystem(final FileName rootName,
>                          final FileObject parentLayer,
>                          final FileSystemOptions fileSystemOptions)
>         throws FileSystemException
>     {
>         super(rootName, parentLayer, fileSystemOptions);
>         ...
> *        //zipFile = createZipFile(this.file);*
>     }
> I am not familiar with the VFS code, but if its not a too difficult task
> I would like to see if I can be of any help here if no one is working on
> this support right now
> thanks
> asankha

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