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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject [DRAFT] Apache Commons Board Report, August 2007
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2007 10:05:05 GMT
I was off for vacation and was (unexpectedly) completely offline for  
the whole time we got to get this sent to the board quickly -  

Please add your comments - I'll write it up nicely once we have all  
input gathered.
Apache Commons Board Report, August 2007


   o Move to TLP has been performed
   o Agreed on committer voting rules (-> it was an agreement - was it?)
   o Discussed non-java components (-> pragmatic approach: we deal  
with the situation if it arises)



   o Fully established TLP
     - Subversion and website have been moved
     - New mailing lists are in place
     - A simple logo has been put in place to fill the jakarta void
     - Few component sites still need to be re-generated

   o Agreed on committer voting rules (?)
     1. ask on private
     2. propose on private
     3. vote on private
     4. ask the prospect if he wants to join on dev list
     (-> at cocoon we do 2.-3. on the dev list which works out fine -  
my 2 cents)
   o No new committers
   o No new PMC members


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