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From "Sunburned Surveyor" <>
Subject Contributing to Jakarta Commons
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2007 19:49:50 GMT
I've been using Jakarta commons for a few months now. I've been
programming in Java as "hobby" for a few years, so I'm not what you
would call a professional. However, I have a good basic knowledge of

I would like to contribute to Jakarta Commons if possible. My main
interests are in the Math, Lang, and Collection modules. I'm currently
working on some classes that manipulate angles, directions, and
bearings that might be appropriate for the Math package. I'm also
working on a large point number format that provides an alternative to
BigDecimal for exact mathematical calculations. I hope to use this
large number format for some statistical calculations.

I'm also working on a FILO collection as part of a data caching mechanism.

At any rate, I know I need to get up to speed on the Jakarta Commons
coding style and other requirements for contributing. I should also
get in touch with the maintainer/maintainers for the Math module.

I know how to work with SVN, so I shouldn't have any major problems
downloading code from Jakarta Commons.

I look forward to working with the Jakarta Commons community, if it is possible.

The Sunburned Surveyor

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