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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: Project Ideas
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 11:51:00 GMT

--- Matthias Rothe <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Since I've profited from using libraries of the
> Apache Commons Project I'd like to give something
> back to the community.
> Lately I've been working on two library projects.
> One aims at creating a collections framework that
> seamlessly integrates with the JCF (Java Collections
> Framework) while permitting transparent persistence.
> Say you've got an ArrayList of data objects you need
> to work with and store away. Usually you would have
> to load the objects from some source (XML, database
> etc.) put them into the ArrayList to manipulate or
> use them and later store any changes to them
> yourself.
> I think this can be done more transparently by
> telling the ArrayList were to get its objects, work
> on those objects and let the ArrayList handle all
> the persistence issues. That would make working with
> persistent objects as simple as working with in
> memory ones.
> By using a strategy pattern any kind of data source
> could be wrapped and therefore become accessible for
> any collection type.

I confess I don't immediately see how this would be
feasible to do in a way that would make it easier to
use than e.g. Hibernate, so I won't comment further
than that on this one.

> ---
> The second project is a physics related library
> containing classes for all sorts of measuring units,
> their prefixes and measurables, objects that take a
> subtype of Number and a measuring unit.
> Those measurables will be capable of converting
> themselves into target measurables of the same or a
> related measuring unit. Say you have an object of
> the measurable type meters and want to convert it to
> miles. All you would need to do is passing the
> meters object the desired measuring unit and prefix
> and you'd get a new measurable of the target unit
> and prefix and the converted value.
> Furthermore all measurables, measuring units and
> prefixes will be able to tell their names (and
> values) in a locale sensitive way, either
> abbreviated (e.g. km) or fully (e.g. kilometer).

I think you should be following JSR-275 wrt this one. 


> ---
> What do you think about these project ideas? Would
> the resulting libraries be of any help to you?
> I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
> Kind regards,
> Matt Rothe
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