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From Wolfgang Roessler <>
Subject Re: Fwd: [CLI] Getting moving with 2.0
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2007 18:26:20 GMT

I have been thinking about CLI a bit the last few days and here are my 

- Building the command-line with the builders works good, although 
creating all the different builders is a bit uncomfortable

- I think the parsing and validation-step should be separated. We would 
need more Option/Argument types, e.g. FileArgument for this. In a first 
step the command-line arguments shoudl be assigned to the option it most 
likely belongs. In the second step, the validation should be done. 
Currently this is mixed up, so a write-protected file will never be 
consider for a file-argument. This results in error-messages which are 
hard to interpret.

- The exact meaning of a Group should be described somewhere, I am still 
wondering what exactly it represents and what not.

- There should be a possibility to model dependencies between 
options/arguments (mutually exclusive for example)

Perhaps we should collect a list of different command-line examples we 
wish to "support" ,e.g. like in the posting "[CLI] HelpFormatter 
Question". Some kind of requirements-collection.

Wolfgang Roessler

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