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From Wolfgang Roessler <>
Subject Re: [CLI] CLI Validation - Was: WELCOME to
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 17:08:32 GMT
Hi Hen,

the Commons Validator package sounds interesting and I perhaps it should 
be possible to use these validators. But I also like the CLI2 validators 
for files and directories. The validators I am missing are something 
like dependency-validators, e.g. specify mutually exclusive options. 
Groups offer very little support for this.

Currently validation and parsing is mixed up I think. This way if I pass 
a filename and the file should be writable but it isn't, I get an error 
that the option is missing and not, that there is a problem with the 
specified file. Perhaps this should be separated in a FileOption and the 

In my opinion the target of CLI2 should be, that all parsing and 
validation is performed by the framework.

> Hi Wolfgang,
> It's great that the bugfix release has driven some interest onto the
> lists for improving the library. Validation sounds very useful - is it
> something that you think Commons Validator would be useful for, or do
> the use cases not quite match?
> Brian and others... any thoughts?
> CLI future wise, I think we're looking at:
> * CLI 1.2. Consider whether a bugfix release is required. Make small
> changes, nothing too huge.
> * CLI2. Need to get the 17 2.0 issues taken care of and look to
> releasing CLI 2.0 [or CLI2 1.0]. There seems to be enough interest in
> CLI2 for us to move to this.
> Hen
> On 8/14/07, Wolfgang Roessler <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> switching from the user to the developer-list, I just post the same mail again *g.
>> I came across CLI some time ago, when I was looking for a "framework" to help me
process the command-line easily. I tried CLI1.1 and CLI2 and I have to admit, I am satisfied
with neither.
>> While parsing works as far as I have tried, the validation (which I consider more
important and costly) is not yet what I expect. While CLI1.1 offers nothing, CLI2 at least
has some simple checks. I would need a flexible approach for modelling (complex) dependencies.
>> What I would expect is, that I only have to specify the command-line (available options,
dependencies, special validations ...) and all parsing and validation is done for me.
>> I don't only want to complain about the situation, but I want to offer my help. If
there is a clear direction where to go, I am willing to invest some time to help with a new
release. The idee of CLI is great, but for a really useful solution in my opinion a lot has
to be improved.
>> Greets
>> Wolfgang
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