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From "Matthias Rothe" <>
Subject Project Ideas
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 09:41:16 GMT
Dear all,

Since I've profited from using libraries of the Apache Commons Project I'd like to give something
back to the community.

Lately I've been working on two library projects. One aims at creating a collections framework
that seamlessly integrates with the JCF (Java Collections Framework) while permitting transparent

Say you've got an ArrayList of data objects you need to work with and store away. Usually
you would have to load the objects from some source (XML, database etc.) put them into the
ArrayList to manipulate or use them and later store any changes to them yourself.

I think this can be done more transparently by telling the ArrayList were to get its objects,
work on those objects and let the ArrayList handle all the persistence issues. That would
make working with persistent objects as simple as working with in memory ones.

By using a strategy pattern any kind of data source could be wrapped and therefore become
accessible for any collection type.


The second project is a physics related library containing classes for all sorts of measuring
units, their prefixes and measurables, objects that take a subtype of Number and a measuring

Those measurables will be capable of converting themselves into target measurables of the
same or a related measuring unit. Say you have an object of the measurable type meters and
want to convert it to miles. All you would need to do is passing the meters object the desired
measuring unit and prefix and you'd get a new measurable of the target unit and prefix and
the converted value.

Furthermore all measurables, measuring units and prefixes will be able to tell their names
(and values) in a locale sensitive way, either abbreviated (e.g. km) or fully (e.g. kilometer).


What do you think about these project ideas? Would the resulting libraries be of any help
to you?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Matt Rothe

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