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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Commons Math, Commons Nightlies, vmbuild
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2007 14:09:42 GMT

This is particularly for Phil and those on commons-math, but if  
anyone else is interested in getting set up just holler.

commons-math currently have a build set up in  
It's been down for little bit, but is now back up.

vmbuild is scheduled to be moved to a faster machine, and I intend to  
install a more recent build of Continuum (that supports grouping  
projects and is generally faster, more managable and more stable).  
I'm able to help get it set up as effectively as possible.

There are a lot of failing builds on the machine right now (probably  
unused by the corresponding projects), so I'm cleaning house before  
the move.

Please let me know if:
[ ] you would like the project set up on the new machine with a clean  
[ ] you would like the project (and it's build history if possible)  
moved over
[ ] you are no longer interested in using vmbuild for CI/nightlies/ 

In addition, the commons nightlies scripts will need to be moved  
along with the VM, but since we will probably start with a clean  
slate I might need a hand with that.

- Brett

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